Shopping Cart Service Features...

Unlike other solutions - when you rent ShopFactory you don't have to pay extra for services you need as an online merchant. Take your store even further, when have combined with a number of integrated partners including:  shipping providers and payment solution providers. These services are tightly integrated and can be activated with point and click ease. NEW - App Store features - add modules and addons when you need them!

Free Order Processing for your EShop

ShopFactory comes with free secure order processing - allowing you to accept orders without any extra costs.

With this free service your customers will be able to enter their details in a secure environment (SSL) - and GlobeCharge then forwards the order details to you by email. You can then review the orders and process the payment with your existing facilities.

Most e-Commerce companies charge monthly fees for providing a secure environment. With ShopFactory you get this service free of charge.

Online Order Management

With online order management your orders will be stored securely online and you can access them from anywhere in the world.

Another advantage: Due to many email spam filters and blockers set up everywhere on the Internet, it is no longer possible for any one to guarantee that emails will arrive at their destination. The same applies to orders transmitted by email.

With online order management your orders can not get lost in transit, helping you maintain your reputation and boosting your income.

Advance Fraud Protection

Advanced Fraud Protection (Certified by GlobeCharge) will help you protect yourself against online fraud by alerting you to the most common fraud scenarios.

Is the customer really in the country he claims to be in? Is he hiding behind a free email account? Does he come from a high risk country or is he trying to cloak his IP address? You will be alerted to these and other fraud scenarios to help you prevent losses due to fraud before they occur. An order can look perfectly legitimate to your eyes - until GlobeCharge lets you know the fraud attempts you could not see before.

Catching just one fraudulent order every few months can save you much more money than this service costs to run. 

Membership Management

Membership management provided by GlobeCharge allows you to set up and maintain a membership website.

Allow your customers to become members to get their contact details. Offer discounts and free shipping to members, depending on how much they spend in your webshop! Allow only members to view prices or to navigate your website

This service allows you to improve customer loyalty to help you maintain customers and to improve your income. You can also use this service to allow only signed up members into your website

Reseller Management and Affiliate Reseller Tracking

This GlobeCharge service allows you to look after your resellers and maintain a network of affiliate resellers!

Offer different discount levels to your resellers, depending on who they are. Offer different discounts for different types of products. Show prices only to resellers or prevent non resellers from browsing your website.

Keep track of your affiliate resellers up to 5 levels deep and have GlobeCharge automatically calculate the commission payments you have to make! Let affiliate resellers sign up themselves.

Advertising Tracking

Keep track of your advertising and see if it pays for itself, makes or loses you money! Set up multiple advertising campaigns and review their profitability.

Advertising tracking by GlobeCharge can save you money and boost your income by providing you with the information you need to plan your advertising spending. Wether you pay for keywords in search engines, run banner ads on other websites or send emails to potential customers advertising tracking can tell you exactly which campaign created the most profit for you.

ESD (Electronic Softgoods Delivery)

GlobeCharge can automatically send your softgoods such as Software, e-books, pictures and other data to your customers as soon as payment has been approved.

As soon as your customers send their order and payment has been approved, GlobeCharge will send out an email to the customers with the details which allow them to download their softgoods. Of course the email can contain unlock codes and instructions.

When combined with a real-time payment system the customer can receive the purchased products vitually immediately!

Free Support

Help is only a click away.

If you have any questions about ShopFactory or need help with any issue, simply visit our free online help system. There you will find many questions answered already.  You can also interact with other ShopFactory users via our online forums.

If you have a question which has not yet been answered, you can for the first 30 days after registering also contact our support team directly: free of charge.  A small fee will apply for personal support after the 30 days.   Click here to go to the support page.