eCommerce website building features 1

Full featured ecommerce solution

Built with Merchant needs in mind with all the features you require to sell online!

General Features

Powerful editing and website layout features including the NEW BLOCK EDITOR - Drag and drop design (WYSIWYG - What you see is what you get).

ShopFactory is the original DYI - Do It Yourself online store building solution used by online merchants since 1995!

Shop building features

PC based editing software

Build shops with unlimited pages and unlimited products

Powerful FULL Content Management System (CMS) for online stores

Publish to any server - Integrated publishing feature - tracks and uploads changes to save time

Search Engine Friendly (SEO) build in

Includes themes and designs - can be easily modified with included design editor

NEW! Powerful drag and drop Block Editor elements

NEW! Quick add icon sets

Page styles and product merchandising layout styles

Multiple navigation styles to choose from

Stores works in all browsers

Shopping cart features

Integrated shopping cart and secure check-out system features

Secure Order Processing

Discounting functions in shop and on products

Discount functions also include: Gift Vouchers, Marketing Vouchers and Return/Rewards Vouchers

Create products with selectable options and dynamic pricing on options, including text boxes, dial buttons and check-boxes

Set-up Canada Taxes for provinces and territories

Shipping integration to calculate shipping rates automatically

Accept and process payments on your orders in real time

Real time stock control


Merchandising options

Select from different page and product layout styles

Choose from different navigation styles including mega picture or text menus

Main and sub-departments set-up (Categories)

Add product main images and multiple images (slide shows)

Automatic thumbnail generation

Banner advertisements

Link pages and products, cross-promote products features

Add videos to pages and products

Show / hide inventory levels on stock control, including levels on hand status (Light system)

Promote products on multiple pages


Plus many more options and features!

(Note: This page is currently being updated, please check back for more details to be posted shortly:  15/OCT/2017.