Promotion Features

When you run an online shop, promoting it and your products is what will get you the sales. By telling people about your shop or customers about related products you build up your sales. So based on the experience of merchants of ShopFactory we have added the functions you really need to become successful.

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  • Highlighted Discounts.
  • Many discount types.
  • Up-selling (if you buy 3 more, you will get a discount).
  • Link directly to a product or page from other locations such as email or external websites.
  • Timed Discounts (automatically expire or repeat discounts at certain times).
  • Newsletter mailing list generation support.
  • Email list generation based on customer preference.
  • Email list generation based on items purchased by customer.
  • Email list generation based on location of customer.
  • Link Boxes — link from any product or page to any other products or pages to highlight a relationship or promote specific products.
  • Membership Points rewards.
  • List your products on santu, eBay and froogle.
  • Search Engine compatible.