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Convert more website visitors into buying customers by making buying easy for them and giving them a feeling of security. ShopFactory does it for you to help you boost your profits.

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  • Easy website navigation.
  • Fast adding of items to 'shopping cart' for faster customer feedback.
  • Automatic updating of Order Total based on products in 'shopping cart.'
  • Automatic tax and shipping costs calculations prior to check-out.
  • Secure easy two step order process with patented fraud protection.
  • Recover Password function for members and resellers.
  • Integrated Blog allows keeping customers and resellers up to date.
  • Automatic remembering of customer details for easy check-out.
  • Restore shopping cart function for repeat visitors.
  • Integrated search for products and content (Basic search and configurable PHP Power Search).
  • Add to 'favourites list.'
  • 'Email to a friend' function.
  • Related product link support.
  • Calculate shipping and taxes prior to check-out.
  • Automatic 'base price' calculation support.
  • Automatic currency conversions.
  • Customizable email order confirmations.
  • Allow customer to disable Order confirmation.
  • Printable order page.
  • Adjust order quantities in 'shopping cart.'
  • Link to products from 'shopping cart.'
  • Customizable order form.
  • Opt-in newsletter support.
  • Customizable 'Thank you' page after an order has been placed.