Tax Set-up

Nobody likes likes paying taxes — but if you have a shop you still have to charge them in many countries. ShopFactory makes it easy for you to; add taxes, manage taxes, and automatically displays them to your customers. If they don't have to pay tax, ShopFactory takes care of this too.

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  • Real-time tax calculation for customers.
  • Tax calculation based on customer location.
  • Automatically assign taxes to products.
  • Set up different taxes for different products.
  • Set up different taxes for different regions.
  • Apply multiple taxes to products.
  • Support for tax exempted customers.
  • Automatic validity check of European tax exemption numbers.
  • European mixed tax calculation for shipping charges when ordering products with different taxes.
  • Ability to create a services tax applying to shipping and handling charges.
  • Easy update function for products when taxes change.
  • GST/PST/HST compliant tax calculations for Canada.
  • Can automatically insert 'tax display' and notices when legally required.