International and Language Support

If you sell online, you can have customers from all around the world. The easier you make buying for them, the better your sales will be. ShopFactory has all the tools you need to sell to customers all around the world.

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International and Language Support

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  • Multi-language editor. The ShopFactory shop builder comes in a number of different languages including; English, Spanish, German, Dutch, French and Italian.
  • Create shops in any language. ShopFactory comes with more than 30 languages pre-set to make shop creation easy in any language.
  • Multi-language support. Create shops in multiple languages.
  • Translation editor.
  • XLIF, XML translation support for exporting and importing translation data.
  • Only translate what you want. Switch off pages or products you don’t want to translate on a per language basis or use the main language to be displayed for all non-translated items.
  • Automatic customer language detection.
  • Multi-currency support.
  • Automatic currency conversion for product prices and totals in shop.
  • Supports taxes for any country, state or region, different taxes for different regions, multiple taxes per product.
  • International shipping calculation support — set different prices and cost calculation methods for different regions.