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The look of your website will affect your success. By buying ShopFactory you get a large number of professionally designed modern templates — to make sure you look your best. ShopFactory's point and click customization functions make customizing a theme so easy, anyone can do it.

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  • Select from a large number of professionally designed modern Website Design Themes and download more themes from online. Each theme is fully customizable.
  • Many 'Website themes' with Flash support for improved looks and customization.
  • Select 'Page themes' independently of 'Website theme.'
  • Use different 'Page themes' for different style pages.
  • Select different product display themes for different pages.
  • Select from different Website Navigation styles.
  • Point and click, easy 'theme' customization — without programming skills you can completely change the look of your website theme in no time.
  • Point and click, easy customization of 'navigation styles.'
  • Color suggestions — pick your preferred colour and ShopFactory will automatically generate suitable color themes.
  • Supports ShopFactory version 7 website themes.
  • Save customized themes as new 'website' or 'page themes.'
  • Point and click design image replacement.
  • Automatic picture resizing and transparency management for design and product images.
  • Add 'picture frames' to product and paragraph images.
  • Automatic anti-alias management for design images and picture frames.
  • Automatic creation of thumbnail images with link to larger picture based on image size supported by page themes and product styles.
  • 'Banner advertising' support.
  • Add HTML code in many different locations; above and below the page, above or below link boxes, above or below the index, site wide, for example.
  • Automatic management of Linked pages (Page and product Links re-adjusted if page is moved or deleted).
  • HTML code access to create your own themes.
  • Website wide footer area for copyright, legal and other text.
  • PHP search with AJAX powered results display to match results page to website theme.
  • Ajax integrated order processing gateway to ensure gateway design matches website theme.