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Save time with ShopFactory by easily importing products into your shop and maintaining them with ShopFactory.

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  • Import basic product details from existing Databases with ImportWizard.
  • Import virtually any product data including options and choices with Import Wizard Pro.
  • Stock control on product level.
  • Stock control on 'option and choice' (variants) level.
  • Automatically combine catalogue number of a product with a selected option check stock levels (such as a T-Shirt and its colours: T45-green).
  • Manually update stock levels.
  • Real-time display of available stock levels.
  • Exact or 'traffic light stock level' display.
  • Shop wide 'Out of stock' message.
  • Product level 'Out of stock' message — for example; to state a delivery time.
  • Define 'Minimum purchase price total' — how much a customer must spend at least to place an order.
  • Define 'Maximum purchase price total' — the maximum value of an order you accept via the Internet.